Dar Al Huqooq manages and provides litigation services in the UAE and Lebanon and cooperates with other law firms to arrange litigation services across the MENA region in states such as Qatar, Oman, Jordan and other MENA jurisdictions. Our team combines collectively more than 100 years of litigation experience that ranges from handling high-value, complex and cross-border disputes to simple disputes.

Dar Al Huqooq's commercial litigation team advises on all types of large-scale commercial disputes, in every industry sector, ranging from multinational corporations and major financial institutions through to governments and high- value individuals. Our firm has successfully instituted claims and defended clients in land mark cases before UAE, Qatar and Lebanon courts to the value of USD 100 million on many occasions.

We are well known for a professional and robust defence of our clients' interests and where possible, we seek practical, cost- effective solutions that do not impede the normal conduct of their business. Many clients seek our services to reverse cases they lost on first-degree or on appeals.

Dar Al Huqooq works closely with International Law Firms based in Dubai and other GCC jurisdictions on complex litigation cases before domestic courts. We undertake drafting of court submissions such as appeal and cassation statement of cases on a confidential basis and support and aid other law firms in reversing court judgments.

Our Litigation services include resolution of:

. Commercial disputes

. Investment disputes and derivative actions

. Civil disputes

. Construction disputes

. Lease Disputes

. Employment disputes

. Enforcement disputes

. Patent rights

. Real estate disputes

We work on building good working relations with in house counsel and work alongside them, ensuring that they receive timely updates and proper recommendations to fill any gaps in their future transactions, thus decreasing   risks and avoiding future legal disputes.

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